The Club

The Club

Descend into the party den

Tucked away in skyscraper-lit downtown, in the basement of a tower in the bustling, dazzling business district of metropolis singapore is kyō. a space where elemental music meets visionary art. the art of escapism honed to its finest.

Past the alluring, all-seeing eyes adorning the entrance, the access to an inconceivable abyss: a doorway to myriad new pleasures unfurls before your sight. look to the right and you’d be invited to indulge in a bewildering range of sake-delics. the city’s longest bar is reassuringly stocked to the brim with fine spirits, wines and beers worthy of the taste and refinement of the well-travelled individual you are.

Walk on if you dare, and be lured by the unrelenting beat throbbing for your attention. your feet begin to move at their own will. with each beat, you shimmy a step closer to a primal gathering nearing its point of frenzy. the rush takes you over, you make unforgettable eye contact, there is no choice but to surrender.

In this moment of enchantment, against a backdrop of rough-cut stone, wood and bronze, how can it be that everything you’ve ever known all starts to make sense?

But your night has only just begun…